Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rock Island ( A Rednecks Paradise)

If you like warm green water,

Little southern girls in your face saying "Hey wawtch iys" (Watch this ) as she shows you how she can hold her breath under water, all while a long green boogar hangs from her left nostril.

Strange men Yellin " It's a cooker!" Then breakin out in Billy Idol's "In the Midnight hour he cries, more, more, more!"

People stealing money out of your shorts! (One dollar and a Target reciept)!!!

And much more!

Come to Rock Island! A rednecks Paradise!
It was a nice day, and fun spending time together, but somehow it just doesn't compare to my childhood on the beaches of the pacific ocean or the beautiful beaches of Traverse City!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pig Tails

Lauren in her Pig tails. It's so fun to do hair at this age! She loves it! Isn't she a cutie?!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the very next picture taken seconds after the first happy pose! She is trying to get the gum she thinks I have in my mouth. She ate it already minutes before the pictures! From Cutie to Stinker in 1 second flat!